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My Turn: What's your grade for the Cape Fear area

Although we didn't get a lot of school work done this week, I think it's time to get out the grade book and do a little scoring.  The Atlanta area gets a big fat F.  But I'm giving the Cape Fear area a B+ Although we didn't get a lot of school work done this week, I think it's time to get out the grade book and do a little scoring. The Atlanta area gets a big fat F. But I'm giving the Cape Fear area a B+

I've watched with some amusement and amazement what happened this week in the Atlanta area.  What a mess.  It even spawned a debate between meteorologists and government officials about not heeding weather warnings on a timely basis. 

But what about our area?  Winter storms are even more infrequent here than they are in Atlanta.  And I understand why we don't spend a lot of our resources in being completely prepared to handle ice and snow. 

Given the circumstances, I think we did okay.  Local governments appeared pro-active, cancelling activities early and getting people out of harm's way before the bad stuff hit.  We didn't have the horror stories here like they did in Atlanta.  And with the exception of some motorists anxious to get life rolling again, people heeded the warnings and stayed off the roads or were very cautious when they did get behind the wheel. 

Although we didn't get a lot of school work done this week, I think it's time to get out the grade book and do a little scoring.  The Atlanta area gets a big fat F.  But I'm giving the Cape Fear area a B+

That's my turn…and my grades. Let's hear yours….email me at



Emailed comments from viewers:

You're kidding me, right? I've been a prisoner in my home since 12 noon Tuesday! Where I come from, Boston, this was known as a "dusting". In fact I called my daughter, my ex and some friends up there last night to tell them the whole state is shut down because of 3" of snow and I haven't been out since Tuesday. They all proceeded to laugh hysterically.  I know it's not the state's fault, but the complex I live in did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to clear the roads and parking lot where my condo is located. My classes at CFCC which started on Monday had been cancelled all week. I'm just happy that I had enough food and water to sustain me. Now that I think of it, I should have stocked up on some wine so I could have drowned my sorrows with living in this godforsaken state...this place blows!

This should have been all addressed as soon as the rain started to turn to ice which was Tuesday morning. Yeah, it was nothing like Atlanta but I'm going to give Wilmington a big fat D!

And hopefully be able to get the hell out of here by the summer.


Oh, you're too harsh. I rate the local response as an "A". There was over- communication about the hazards posed by this storm and it's aftermath. Which is what is warranted to make people take heed. Even my boyfriend, notoriously stubborn, donned winter boots with tread (!) before venturing outdoors, downtown...


Reading (recently) on one of your local news media websites in Wilmington,NC (not WECT), I've noticed in their Forums section a MAJOR argument, ignited by a report on your recent local ice storm event, continuous remarks from readers arguing amongst other readers about how Northerners and Southerners react to such an event of Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Those who are from the West were shunned out, or so it seems.

As for myself, originally being raised in an area where people from all over the country lived together, due to military installations nearby, it never ceases to amaze me how so many citizens in Wilmington dislike one another due to someone elses geographic origin. It's as though the locals feel invaded by an unseen force, that's set out to ruin their way of life, from here to eternity. Are these feeling's from locals brought out because of snow and sleet...or is it just an excuse to rekindle the closing of a divided War on April 9th, 1865?

Where has America gone?


I give the city a Incomplete....I don't see that they have done anything! The streets are worse since nothing was done to prepare for the storm or as the sleet was falling. The sidewalks are a danger since nothing has been done to them before...during or after!

Why was no brine sprayed before the storm arrived or salt spread as the sleet was falling? The streets refroze last night making them twice as bad and the number of accidents reflect that and no telling how many have been hurt on the sidewalks? No salt or at least sand and nothing at all in my neighborhood...nothing!

We property owners pay too much in taxes to expect something and get absolutely nothing...that is unless "something" was done in some parts of Wilmington and not in others....ALA NYC??? Maybe send out a reporter and check some of the neighborhoods ...I could be wrong about that and default back to the original complaint that the City has done nothing and the streets and sidewalks are worse now than they were yesterday!


Dear Gary... I have watched the Atlanta and Georgia officials defend actions that they did not take on Monday, and here is my perspective. 

I traveled thru the Atlanta area twice earlier this month. If a 2" of snowfall had been predicted anytime on Tuesday, local officials should have realized that this weather could potentially paralyze traffic in this metro area. The area is filled with hills and valleys, that in some cases are giant cuts thru rock and stone to create roadways, not counting the normal rolling terrain of this area. For the mayor to try to separate the major interstate arteries that intersect and dissect the greater Atlanta Metro area, from the streets of Atlanta and its suburbs, only shows that he does not understand what goes on daily on the roadways outside his office windows. 

From where I sit, comparing actions in Wilmington vs. the lack of action in Atlanta, our local school and business officials did a super job of keeping people, including school age children and buses, out of harms way and off streets and roadways during predicted, very dangerous, travel conditions. Atlanta officials should have realized that any snow on their area roadways on Tuesday could lead to major traffic problems for schools buses trying to travel area roads, that are now snow covered and becoming very slippery. Making a decision early on Tuesday morning... closing area schools, keeping school age children in their homes, and keeping school buses off the area roadways, which would become dangerous to travel on when snow covered... this would have been the right and much cheaper decision.


I think we deserve an "A".  Having just moved here from a northern state, I realize that we don't have the equipment or readiness for such storms.  I was not expected to be plowed out or salted down immediately!

We were warned and given ample time to prepare.  I spent Monday at Harris Teeter planning my menu for the week and getting a few extra supplies.  I also made it to Shell for gas for the car and generator.  I was shocked we never lost power!  Yippee Duke Energy!

School was canceled before any sign of ice or snow because of proper predictions!  Thank you officials for listening to those warnings! 

 While it has been a long 4 days off with a bored teen in the house, I appreciate the school district for keeping the kids (and adults who sometimes drive them) safe!

Kudos!  An "A" is deserved!   Now please bring on Spring!


I, in general, agree with you on the state of the conditions we dealt with here in Wilmington.  Most business closed and most people heeded the warnings.  But giving the town a B+ to me was a little too high.  One service that prides itself, obviously in word only, did not do their jobs.  I speak of the U.S. Postal Service.  There has been no mail delivery for three days now.  What ever happened to the promise of 'In rain or sleet or snow the mail gets delivered.'  Obviously it does not apply to Wilmington.  So at best I give Wilmington a C.  I know several mail people and watching them enjoy not having to work was irritating at best since I had to be at work every day this week at 6:30 AM.  If I can negotiate the conditions the mail surely could have been delivered as well.  The majority of them walk their routes.  I'm sure they will ask for another stamp increase soon to make up for the so-called missed revenue of these three days.


Excuse me...weren't you the same gentlemen who was upset at  a "unnecessary" 2 hour delays a few weeks ago?  You do realize that there but by the Grace of God, went Cape Fear? The Governor of Georgia claimed not to have good forecasts and other excuses. Had Georgia delayed opening their schools for 2 hours, they might have decided to close their schools-and their debacle could have been avoided!

Perhaps before you decide to question/mock Public School Administrators who choose to err on the side of caution with delays or closures that eventual prove to be unnecessary, you will remember Atlanta!


Cape Fear gets a D+

No schools, no plows, no salt trucks, no court, no cleared side walks, too many closed businesses. If y'all can weather a category 3 hurricane, you can learn what it takes to survive an ice storm. Up north this mess would have been cleared by mid-day Wednesday.


I think you nailed it. I am especially proud of the superintendents and their committees for heeding the warning and canceling schools.  


I think they did pretty  well especially after seeing Atlanta's fiasco. They can't blame it on the weather forecast-there was more than ample warning. It 's almost possible to drive on ice without chains so keeping traffic to a minimum was very wise. School closures were appropriate too.


I give this area an F for not de-icing the roads and not being better prepared for any of this ice and snow. Pathetic eastern Carolina!


I think your were  wrong about the weather and Alanta Ga. is the perfect example.


Before I mention anything about the weather I would like to inform all "Yankees" that hate our area so much about a movement NYC is persuing to get back its "yankees". NO TAX for ten years for new buisnesses. So u can pack up your companies and go back home if you dont like it here.             

Now for the weather. If you want to compare Wilmington to NYC then you should check the news. New York has also shut down schools, government offices, and businesses this week due to 5 inches of snow and ice. In December parts of Upstate NY shut down for 2 inches of ice. Sound Familar? Ice is ice and very dangerous in North Carolina and New York. South eastern NC did a great job keeping people out of harms way. Atlanta did the opposite and everyone knows how well that went. Safety  should be all that matters. If you think any different than it shows what kind of person you truly are. So both NYC and Wilmington responded and were affected in the same way and kept people safe. I have one statement to all the Yankee that dont agree with how we do things "round heer", Our schools, businesses, and homes survive and don't shutdown for long because a weak catagory 1 hurricane .If they even shut down at all!!! Grade = A


Who cares, find another topic to speak on. You are just like Montel Williams, you "cover the issues" that no one cares about.

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