Rabon apologizes for comments, profane language in meeting with constituents

State Senator Bill Rabon issued an apology Tuesday to Governor McCrory among others.
State Senator Bill Rabon issued an apology Tuesday to Governor McCrory among others.

SOUTHPORT, NC (WECT) - State Senator Bill Rabon apologized to Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory, among other state leaders, Tuesday for comments he recently made to constituents about a proposed bill to regulate puppy mills in North Carolina.

The apology comes one day after a WECT investigation revealed the comments, where Rabon accused Governor McCrory and his wife of misusing power and referred to members of the House with profane language.

During the hour and a half conversation, Rabon told supporters of the bill that the legislation was "bullied out of committee by the executive branch" and that was a "flagrant violation of power." Rabon said that the bill would not be considered in 2014, despite passing out of the House. Last week, Governor McCrory identified the legislation as one of his priorities for the year ahead. His staff indicated Monday that McCrory expected an apology from Rabon for the comments.

"Earlier today, I reached out to Governor Pat McCrory, First Lady Ann McCrory, House Speaker Thom Tillis and House Minority Leader Larry Hall to apologize for comments I made during what I was led to believe was an off-the-record conversation about the prospects for a puppy mill bill in the upcoming legislative session," State Senator Bill Rabon said in an emailed statement. "While I spoke out of frustration in the heat of the moment, it does not excuse what I said or how I said it. My comments were both inappropriate and offensive, and I am sincerely sorry. As a veterinarian, my life's work has been caring for pets and helping them lead happy, healthy lives. I will continue to work to protect the welfare of dogs and make sure they are treated humanely."

Rabon declined to speak with WECT about the recorded comments yesterday.

Senate leadership issued a news release Monday saying they have decided to not consider this bill now because of the tactics of those who recorded Senator Rabon, even though Rabon confirmed they would kill the bill before the recording came out.

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