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My Turn: Cutting trees could be a 'blessing in disguise'

Most of us are familiar with the phrase "a blessing in disguise."  Basically, it means when something is happening that we consider bad, we probably don't think about the possibility of a future benefit or an outcome that might actually be good.

A frequent emailer to the My Turn inbox made a good point this week.  We get calls and emails all the time here at the television station from people upset because the utility companies are trimming back branches or clear cutting trees. 

But with a winter storm hitting in our area, aren't some us at least a little bit thankful now that some of those potential power-outage causing branches are no longer close to the power lines?  I know I am. 

There are no guarantees.  But that work just might help keep us safer…and warmer!

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I think you missed the real point here. The problem is not the trees. The problem is the very sad fact that our power company is so backward and cheap, they refuse to begin to install all power lines in the area underground. Take a drive down to North Myrtle Beach some time an you will notice they are putting all cables underground. This is a seven year plan in which they are selling the old cable to other nations. This move will save them tons of money in the long run and pay for itself within 15 years in reduced maintenance. When a big storm comes along, the grid is protected from falling trees or anything else.    

This is not new technology, Germany did this after world war 11.

In 1900 running wires on poles seemed like a good idea. Now it is just stupid, especially in a storm area. Short sided thinking is what keeps Wilmington form progressing into a 21 century community.

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