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'Pole Vaulting' takes theater to new heights

"Waiter!" "Waiter!"
"The Gay Garden Club" "The Gay Garden Club"
"In the Rain" "In the Rain"
"Buy, Sell, Hold" "Buy, Sell, Hold"
"Under London" "Under London"

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A new show in Wilmington called Pole Vaulting Over Skyscrapers is giving audience members a bang for their buck. It features five one-act plays.

There are two dramas, one set in an underground nightclub during World War II and another about two strangers who meet in a coffee shop.

The other comedies range from a commentary on stock trades to a gay garden club to a Shakespeare/Mafia mash-up.

Playwright John Grudzien explains his choice of title.

"It's kind of a catch-all for the idea that in life we encounter things that we think we may never get over," said Grudzien. "So I use that as kind of a symbol of all the things that we encounter in life and some of the surprises that we actually do get over something."

Grudzien is also a composer, and he compares his one-acts to music.

"These 15 to 20 minute plays are like a three minute song, versus a full-length play or a symphony, but yet the connection can be the same with the audience."

Pole Vaulting Over Skyscrapers

For tickets, call (910) 367-5237 or click here.

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