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Your Week in Pop Culture: Richard Sherman, not 'thugs,' have degrees from Stanford

You may not have liked Richard Sherman's sportsmanship, but there is never a reason to call someone a racial name - even on the internet. (Source: Jeffrey Beall/Wikipedia/MGN Online) You may not have liked Richard Sherman's sportsmanship, but there is never a reason to call someone a racial name - even on the internet. (Source: Jeffrey Beall/Wikipedia/MGN Online)

(RNN) – Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman got excited and nearly broke social media Sunday night.

Following the Seahawks defeat of the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game, Sherman's adrenaline was showcased to a national audience, and a lot of people didn't like it. He was attacked and called racial slurs, a thug and other things that aren't fit to print here, just in time for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

In the slow two weeks between the league championships and the Super Bowl, the media frenzy has already run this story into the ground, including a Slate article written by Seth Stevenson entitled "Richard Sherman, Bad Sport."

Stevenson's condescending opinion uses nine similar points to support his conclusion that Sherman is a bad sport, concluding them all by calling Sherman unfit for reprinting, thus being glib and using a gimmick to gloss over the reasons for the backlash that are rooted in racial and societal history.

For example, is Tom Brady a bad sport for following a ref into the locker room cursing him out after he lost a game this season on national television? That didn't get covered or break social media. Here's the evidence. (The answer is yes, he is a bad sport).

If people heard what most football players say on the field, they would be shocked and offended - what Sherman did pales in comparison to the usual trash talk.

Another point - the word "thug" has been used so much to reference to Sherman, it's clear people don't know what it means anymore. Black with dreads and a big mouth must equal thug to some now. The website Deadspin reported that closed-captioning company iQ Media recorded "thug" being mentioned in regard to Sherman 625 times on Monday.

Sherman asked a great question Wednesday when addressing the media – is "thug" the new N-word?

The backlash demonstrates if a powerful black man has a platform, by some, society considers him a dangerous entity that needs to "be put in their place," as so many tweeters requested. Pardon my southern analogy, but people get 10 feet tall and bullet proof behind social media and it's disgusting.

Trainwreck Mayor Rob Ford, you've done it again

I don't know what it is about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Maybe it's his striking resemblance to Grimace or The Hamburgler, or his propensity to find himself in sketchy situations or his ability to act as if there is nothing wrong with his actions.

The latest chapter in the Rob Ford saga was a YouTube video posted of Ford appearing inebriated and mocking someone in a terrible Jamaican accent. On Tuesday, Ford was confronted by the Toronto media with questions of what he was talking about, who he was with and if he was on drugs or had been drinking.

Ford refused to answer questions on Tuesday. By Wednesday, he addressed the incident during a press conference saying, "Monday was unfortunate, I had a minor setback. We all experience this difficult bump in life. But in the end, this is completely a private matter."

Ford has been stripped of all of his powers by the Toronto city council and is just a figure head, but for some reason the people of Toronto love this guy. What makes him so appealing? Is it because he likes to party in clubs with his constituents? He is a bad joke everyone laughs at because it's easy to do so. Why would people want that as a mayor?

For those interested, a Rob Ford dance hall remix exists that would just make your life better now.

Movies: 'Ride Along' dominates the box office; solidifies Kevin Hart's superstar status

The Ice Cube-Kevin Hart comedy Ride Along dominated the box office this weekend, showcasing Hart as Hollywood's biggest comedy draw to open 2014. The film's big showing overshadowed the weekend openings of Jack Ryan and The Nut Job.

Here's last weekend's Top 5, according to Box Office Mojo (listed next to previous week's ranking and weekend gross):

  1. Ride Along (NR) $41,516,170
  2. Lone Survivor (1) $22,058,815
  3. The Nut Job (NR) $19,423,000
  4. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (NR) $15,451,981
  5. Frozen (2) $11,771,854

In theaters: Jan. 24

I, Frankenstein – The iconic creature of 19th century literature returns, and after 200 years, is being used as a monster to fight the battles of two feuding supernatural groups. The film stars Aaron Eckhart, Miranda Otto, Bill Nighy and Aiden Young.

Also in theaters: Gloria, Stranger by the Lake, Visitors, Gimme Shelter, Run & Jump, Knights of Basassdom

In a performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the alt-rock-pop band Neon Trees performed their first single, Sleeping with A Friend, from their upcoming third album, Pop Psychology. The bouncy tune is getting fans of the band from Provo, UT excited about new music.

What gets me excited about Neon Trees? Their girl drummer, Elaine Bradley – everyone should love a girl drummer.

Jam of the Week: Neon Trees, Sleeping with a Friend

Pop Psychology will be released on April 22. Also, is it just me, or does Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn look like a David Bowie/David Byrne clone?

Tumblr of the Week: Babies with puppy heads is so cute, your head will explode

What's cuter - babies or puppies?

It doesn't matter, because one Tumblr has the blog for you that combines both – Babies with Puppy Heads. The blog is truly a display of excellence in Photoshop. Babies with Puppy Heads was also featured on the Comedy Central show @Midnight, a brilliant show hosted by Nerdist creator and former Singled Out co-host Chris Hardwick. Enjoy.

Tumblr honorable mention: But You're Like Really Pretty

A little something from YouTube: Give these dogs bones, sticks aren't working out

Dogs – in the right hands, they are full of love, playful and are true to the phrase "man's best friend."

More than anything, they are silly and relentless when it comes to things they can chew on. For some reason dogs just LOVE oversized sticks. I am talking about sticks so big that chopped in half, it's considered firewood.

In this delightful YouTube mashup, dogs are teased by their owners and recorded while they attempt to carry sticks they can't get in the door. Is it mean to the dog? Maybe. Is it funny? You betcha.

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