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How to keep crime out of your business: conversation on violence part 5

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The owner of the Wrightsville Country Store in Wilmington is surprised that crime has been quiet lately, especially considering the string of armed robberies that hit his store in 2011.

Maybe the fact that employees pack heat when at the store, has a little something to do with it.

"People working here at minimum wage, with families, trying to make a living-- I'm not letting these criminals have a chance anymore. They know if they come to the store with bad intentions, it'll end bad for them," said store owner Musa Agil.

Agil's no nonsense approach doesn't apply to every convenience store in the area, of course, as most corporate policies wouldn't allow it.

The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce is hosting an event with the focus of tackling the issue of violence and business.

The fifth community conversation will be hosted by the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday at the CFCC Union Station, located at 502 N. Front Street, from 7:30 - 9 p.m.

This meeting will focus on economic development and what businesses can do to help prevent gang/gun violence. There is a $25 admission fee to the event, which includes breakfast.

Speakers include 2014 Wilmington Chamber Chairman Rickey Godwin, District Attorney Ben David, Mayor Bill Saffo, and Jana Jones Halls, Executive Director of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Prevention of Youth Violence. The meeting is open to the public. Click here for details:

Two other meetings are being planned for February that will likely wrap up this series of community conversations before final recommendations are developed.

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