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School officials keep an eye on temps, hold off on delays...for now

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Forecasters are predicting temperatures will drop into the teens later this week, so school officials are trying to plan ahead.

Brunswick County Superintendent Dr. Edward Pruden said schools have not been scheduled to run on a delay at this time, but the idea is not out of the question.

According to Pruden there are two main factors that would trigger a school delay: bus drivers and bus riders.

Pruden explained that some students have to be at the bus stop as early as 5:45 a.m., when it's still dark and cold.

In the same respect, some bus drivers hit the roads before 5 a.m. so it could be difficult for them to spot icy patches on the roads in the dark.

Pruden is concerned about students missing valuable class time and said teachers and principals are responsible for adjusting the class schedules at each individual school when there are delays.

"Anytime we delay, we know we're short changing the time in school, but the principals and teachers keep their eye on the ball," explained Pruden. "They're preparing children for the end of year or the end of grade tests, so that academic pressure is one thing we feel when we think about adjusting the schedule."

School officials will work closely with emergency management teams and the weather service over the next few days.

The superintendent said they will wait until the last moment to make a change, if necessary, for Brunswick County.

New Hanover County has not answered questions about its schedule at this time.

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