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Pender County sees increase in property crime

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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Officers with the Pender County Sheriff's Office say they are seeing an increase in property crimes throughout the county. Normally after the holidays, property crimes tend to go down, but officers say this year that's not the case.

According to officials, the crimes are not isolated in one area but are being reported throughout the county.

Cpt. Ezzell says most of the break-ins are happening during the daytime when residents are not home.  He says the most common items that are being taken are flat screen TVs, jewelry, and firearms -- all items that can be sold.

Ezzell believes the trend is related to the increase in heroin on the streets, especially in the southern and eastern parts of the county. He says addicts are using the thefts to fund their habit.

"The individuals we have arrested and those that are being interviewed as suspects, a lot of these people are addicted to heroin and it's because of their heroin consumption that they are out breaking into homes and cars trying to take this property to make some money off of to support their habit," said Ezzell.

He is urging residents to look out for one another, explaining if you see something unusual at a neighbors home, call the sheriff's office.

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