Freezing temps cause pipes to burst, flood homes

Water soaked through these carpets on a ground floor condo.
Water soaked through these carpets on a ground floor condo.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - With freezing temps, it comes as no surprise that pipes are bursting.

New Hanover and Wilmington Fire Departments say they responded to around six calls of flooding Wednesday due to bursting pipes. Among the calls, were flooding reports at the Walmart in Monkey Junction and the Home Depot on Eastwood Road.

Tuesday, bursting pipes caused flooding for several families in the Marshes at the Rivers Edge Condo Complex.

Officials say pipes for the sprinkler system in the attic burst while the temps were freezing. As the weather started to warm up and the water started to flow again it leaked through the newly formed cracks. About six to eight condos were damaged.

Residents say they were caught off guard by the rushing water.

"I was sitting on my couch when I heard what sounded like water, when I looked over by my front door there was water just pouring through the sprinkler and vent," said Stephanie Farris.

She says the water rushed into her living room and guest room.

"It was just coming out of the ceiling fan in the guest room and pouring into the guest bed," explained Farris.

She tried to use buckets to stop it, but says the water was coming to fast.

"[The bucket] filled up within 10 to 15 seconds and I was like dumping buckets out the front door," said Farris.

Because the water came from sprinkler system pipes, she said she had to wait for fire crews to arrive before the water stopped.

Even some homes on the first floor where damaged. One homeowner says she could hear the water coming through her walls, she says she rushed to remove family photos.

After the water stopped running, crews dropped off fans and did what they could to air things out. They say they'll be back later to inspect and see if any ceilings or walls need to be replaced.

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