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AdvoCare V100 Bowl boosts local economy


With the AdvoCare V100 Bowl over, Shreveport-Bossier tourism leaders are keeping an eye on the ripple effect from dollars generated from the game.

Tourism leaders said each person who spends the night for the game generates two to three hundred dollars. Multiply that with all the fans and that means big bucks for the local economy, "We are bringing in folks from states and areas, that would have probably never come to Shreveport-Bossier before, it's all because of the football game," said Kelly Wells with the Shreveport Bossier Sports Commission.

Whether their teams won or lost, Wells hopes the out of towners stay in town for New Years. "Without the Independence Bowl, it'll be tough to have the crowd we will for New Years Eve," said Wells. 

With 76% of hotels booked for tonight, Wells said it's likely some of the out of town fans will stay to ring in the new year.  

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