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My Turn: New year, new chances

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You know what makes New Year's so special for me? It's looking at the calendar and getting another chance at a "do-over." It gives me hope each and every year.

I think most of us like to begin our year with new dreams, new possibilities and a shot at being a better person. At least that is how we like to start the year.

But you know what happens. By the end of January, 80 percent of us have given up on our plans for a brighter tomorrow.

So this year my prayer for you is the feeling of hope survives even after you get off track. Because you will get off track…you can count on that.

The neat thing is positive change is still possible because it is not about being perfect 365 days a year. It's about going through a process that includes highs and lows and coming out the other end better than you went in.

If we can learn to pick back up after we experience the inevitable bumps in the road and move on in the right direction, we have a chance at making 2014 something worth looking back on this time next year.

Happy New Year!

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