State Senate Forum Heats Up

Campaign Finance dominates questions at the State Senate Forum Thursday night.

Earlier in the day, State Senator Woody White accused his rival Julia Boseman of taking many of the contributions that fund her T.V. ad campaign from a gay and lesbian organization in Washington.  

White ends up in hot seat.  Describing his supporters as quality people draws a reaction from the audience at UNC-W.

After more questions from a panel, that includes WECT's Francis Weller, audience members asked the Senator what he meant by "quality people."  White says he didn't realize he worded it that way, and that  he misspoke. 

The Senator then asked Boseman again where her money is coming from.  The moderator stopped the questioning.  He asked both candidates to  move on.

Boseman says 90 percent of her money comes from North Carolinians.

White maintains campaign finance is a legitimate issue.

Reported by: Ashley Hayes