More flu shots in New Hanover County

The new shipment of over 1300 flu vaccines arrived at the New Hanover County Health Department Thursday. The department is taking new steps to make sure those shots go only to patients at the top of the priority list. But the demand is certain to exceed the supply.

Lines were wrapped around Eckerd Drugs on Market Street. People arrived as early as 7:00am to wait for their shots. The New Hanover County Health Department is also expecting an overwhelming number of people next Tuesday when they give their shots. So they're getting tougher about who can get it this year.

The new list includes:

Children 6 to 23 months

Adults 65 and over

People 2- 64 years with chronic medical conditions

Women who are in their second or third trimester of pregnancy

Children 2 to 18 years on chronic aspirin therapy

Health care workers who are in one of the high risk categories

If you're on that list, the health director has some advice come Tuesday. Dave Rice says, "Please be patient."

This new shipment will bring their supply up to fifty percent for the year. But they're still asking healthy adults to skip the shot.

Flu shots will be given at the health department next Tuesday at 8:15 am.

Reported By: Maggie Alexander

Video By: David Hattman