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Officials unsure if smoking or space heater caused deadly Brimfield fire

The man who died in the Christmas day fire in Brimfield has been identified.

The Office of the State Medical Examiner identified the victim of the Dec. 25 fire at 11 Hollow Road in Brimfield as James E. Killian, the resident.

"Sadly, the home had no working smoke alarms that might have given the man early warning of danger and a chance to escape," said State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan.

Just after midnight on Dec. 25 fire crews were called to the Hollow Road home. 

The fire originated in the living room near a couch and the victim was known to be a heavy smoker. There were smoking materials found in the area where the fire originated, however, both the victim and his bedding came into contact with a portable space heater, according to Coan.

"Whether that caused the fire or happened after the fire started is unknown," he said.

The official cause of the fire will be accidental, but fire officials are unsure whether it was the smoking or the combustibles too close to the space heater that caused the fire.

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