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Last minute shoppers still worried after Target data breach


Shopping with cash has been Judy Jenkins plan of action this holiday season, especially after hearing about the data breach at Target.

"You just got to be very mindful of everywhere that you go to use your card so everybody just got to be so careful," Jenkins said.

Like hundreds of other shoppers, Judy was out today picking up last minute items for her grandchildren.

"Ready for tomorrow. Ready as I can get, as long as my grand kids happy I'm good," Jenkins said.

Fearless Kathy Chamberlaine is braving the waters once again. She was one of the many victims who lost money after making purchases at Target. The breach didn't scare her away, she's shopping at the store today. 

"I'm just think the chances of something really serious happening are very slim," Chamberlaine said.

Others like Kyle Holmes aren't taking any chances. She says she is weary of using her credit and debit cards on any purchases.

"I actually try not to use credit cards. It makes me a little nervous actually, that you can use your bank cards like a credit card," Holmes said.

Though the Grinch may have reared his nasty head, shoppers are using cash or plastic to pick up last minute holiday gifts with hopes of putting a smile on the faces of loved ones.

"I feel that our daughter will be prepared for tomorrow. We tried to get everything on her list and it was very short list, so we were happy about that," one shopper said.

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