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Storm damage in Medina County

If you're wondering where the term "up rooted" came from look no farther than Noreen Seiple's house.

"I mean we've had high winds and things before but nothing like that.  what's that saying about a near miss being as good as a mile.  had the tree fallen the other way it would have killed me." 

The high winds that caused all the damage blew through just after midnight and they were a rude awakening.

"It really shook the house, sounded like a train going through with all the wind."

The clean up continued well into the night. The intersection of Old Eagle and Valley Forge and the 1000 block of Potomac in Brunswick seemed to get hit hardest by the high winds, but Jim Christopher's house was spared. 

"We are thankful."

Part of the problem is the ground is saturated from days of rain which made it easier for the high winds to topple trees, but no one was injured.
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