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My Turn: Bi-partisan agreement on the country's budget

Something really amazing took place in Washington, D.C. recently…a bi-partisan agreement on the country's budget.  This deal has been criticized by the extremists in both parties.  And you know what that tells me?  It's probably a good deal.  And it is certainly a step in the right direction.

The two people that championed this agreement, Democratic Senator, Patty Murray and Republican Congressman, Paul Ryan, actually sat down and talked to each other in a way that allowed them to get know each other well enough to gain the respect necessary to find common ground and get this thing done.

It doesn't solve many of our problems.  But what it does do is take the necessary first steps toward breaking the budgeting gridlock that's brought us nothing but gamesmanship, government shutdowns and uncertainty.

The far right and the far left are not interested in governing.  What they are interested in are playing to their constituents and doing whatever is necessary to get elected again…what's good for the country, be damned. 

This bi-partisan agreement is somewhat symbolic in nature.  But it sets a new tone.  And I am very hopeful this is a turning point for better things to come.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Almost a good segment but you misled your viewers when it came to the history of the budget/debt limit battle.

True history of the government shutdown was not "far left" versus "far right." It was Ted Cruz and the Tea Party against the rest of America. Check the polls. Get your facts straight.

True history shows the Tea Party is paying a price for their obstruction and stupidity.

If you're going to do these segments, at least be honest.


You have got to be kidding me.  You support increased taxes by the federal government that has no idea how taxpayers live.  The federal government spends money like a ‘drunken sailor' and there is no end in sight.  All of this spending is only putting more burdens on future generations.  And you support this type of governing?  You, sir, have not idea how the working class of people live day to day, day in and day out.  The ‘uncertainty' you speak of will arrive in our future as a nation that was strong with world leaders and trend setters.  We cannot continue to spend our way out of debt.  It must stop and the sooner the better.  You have given viewers a false sense of security with you statement.

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