Bladenboro town attorney resigns

BLADENBORO, NC (WECT) – In a letter to the new Mayor of Bladenboro, the town attorney has resigned.

The attorneys at Johnson and Johnson Law Firm have represented the town since 1981, but will no longer do so with the newest board.

The following was written to Mayor Duckworth from S. Weston Johnson:

As you are aware, the town attorney is appointed and serves at the pleasure of the board. I want to personally thank the Town of Bladenboro for allowing the attorneys at Johnson and Johnson law Firm to serve them beginning with the administration of the respected Mayor Edgar Evans in 1981, as well as serving with Mayor Livingston Lewis during his twenty year tenure.

You are a new mayor and have the task, along with a new board, to select a new administrator and to responsibly serve the citizens of Bladenboro.

With much consideration and great respect for your office, the new board, and the citizens of Bladenboro, we hereby submit our resignation as your town attorney. I wish the Town of Bladenboro and its citizens success in the future.

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