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My Turn: Basic taxpayer rights

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About 300 higher education employees across North Carolina sent a letter to Governor McCrory this week demanding that he condemns the actions of the Civitas Institute.

What did the Civitas folks do to cause these educators to get so riled up?  

They've asked for email correspondence, phone records, text messages and calendar entries for a professor from the UNC School of Law. 

The letter to McCrory points out that this is an issue that cuts to the heart of an open and free democracy.

Here's the problem… I think educators are on the wrong side of democracy here.

These professors and faculty members say it's wrong for the Civitas to ask for this information. 

The thing is this is, by law, public information that is allowed to be viewed by anyone.  This professor is employed by the state with taxpayer money.  And we have a right to know what he is doing on our dime.

They may not like it, but this is democracy at work.  And it's troubling to think that hundreds of faculty members across our colleges and universities aren't aware of this basic taxpayer right.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Just heard your commentary on NC teachers and the letter to the Governor.  You are absolutely correct.   We value teachers but that does not mean that they have rights the others of us do not have.   For instance I fully understand that if I send personal emails on my office computer – those emails belong to the company I work for.  

Hope the Governor doesn't cave to this

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