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Nancy Grace weighs in on the actions of officer, dog & suspect in controversial case

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Nancy Grace talks about case on HLN. Nancy Grace talks about case on HLN.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Reports about a controversial case involving a Wilmington Police Officer, his dog and the man who reportedly led police on a wild chase are gaining even more national attention.

Nancy Grace highlighted the case Wednesday during her show on CNN's Headline News.

Monday, police dash cam video was released from an October chase involving suspect Johnnie Williams.

Police said Williams drove through a DWI checkpoint and led officers on a 10 minute chase, at times, trying to injure three officers.

The new video shows K-9 officer, Stafford Brister, lifting his police dog and forcing it through the driver's side window right into the driver's lap. Brister was one of the law enforcement officers who responded to a chase in Wilmington.

Grace used some of our video to demonstrate what happened and interviewed our Ashlea Kosikowski for local perspective on the case.

Additionally, she brought in Defense Attorney Peter Odom, who blasted the officer's actions.

"This is a police officer who lost his cool and used his dog as a deadly weapon," Odom said on the show.

Andres Aportela, a police K-9 trainer, however, came to Brister's defense on the show, saying "I believe 100 percent the officer did his job."

When the debate was over, Grace gave her final assessment on the case.

"The police officer that risked his life, that used his K-9, K-9 Officer Stafford Brister, is still on administrative leave," she said. "Tonight, we make a public plea for him to come back to the police force with his K-9 because in our books, he is the hero."

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