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Mysterious lights spotted over Rock Hill

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Were they planes, balloons...or something else?

A viewer in Rock Hill spotted this grouping of strange lights flying over Lake Wylie Wednesday night around 8:00, and took these amazing pictures. 

She said they moved though the area headed toward Charlotte without making so much as a whisper.

But the question remains, what did she capture on camera?

WBTV called Rock Hill Police and asked those questions.  Officials told us they haven't gotten any reports of the strange lights over the night sky, but didn't know what they were.

When we looked closely at the images.  We noticed the pulsating lights, the erratic movements, and the staggered way they moved across the sky.

They appeared, to us at least, to be Chinese Lanterns someone released into the night air.

After our story was posted online, we got a call into the newsroom.

They were indeed lanterns.

The person who released them said they were luminaries to honor the memory of a child's passing last year.

We at WBTV wish to let the family know they are in our thoughts in their time of difficulty, and honor their loved one's memory along with them.

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