Todd Finn's resignation letter

Faculty and Staff,

Last night, after a board of education meeting in Georgia, I agreed to spearhead the launching of a brand new learning community. This project will take months of planning and development, and will require me to begin working in my new school community immediately. I will therefore be moving on from New Hanover High School to begin a new chapter in my career at the end of the semester.

This exciting opportunity to open a 21st Century school comes once in a lifetime for any high school principal. Moreover, it allows me to take much better care of my family as I continue to pursue my doctoral degree. A more suitable situation could not be asked for, and I am grateful for God's grace and provision moving forward.

I wish to thank all of you who came to work each day during our time together placing students first, and allowing our school to make measurable and quantifiable progress over the past two and a half years. An increase in enrollment, graduation rate, SAT, ACT, EOC and AP Test performance is evidence of progress. A dramatic decrease in drop outs and violent offenses is evidence of sacrifice. When sacrifice and progress come together, a school community can quickly move forward.

I believe we have been successful in this era of change because we made a commitment to put kids first. When kids come first, by definition we become "servant leaders". As servant leaders, we created a better place for kids to go to school at1307 Market Street, despite the challenges we continue to face as educators each day.

Have a fantastic remainder of the week, and I will see you in the halls a few more times between now and the end of the semester. It has been a pleasure working with the students, parents, and teachers who shared a common vision for student and school success, and I look forward to watching your continued progress and growth with pride and deep admiration.