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Sleet, rain could freeze overnight in Louisa County

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The northwest parts of Virginia are in the most danger of experiencing icy roads overnight. Sleet and freezing rain battered Louisa County. Cold rain continued to pour throughout Sunday evening, over any slush and sleet that stuck to roadways.

"It's been horrible," described Travis Shelton, who watched the icy storm all day. He clocked in to work at a local convenience store at 8 a.m..

"I've been here for almost seven months, and this has been the slowest day that I've seen," continued Travis.

The hard-falling sleet seemed to completely encase cars.

"The car was very frozen this morning...took about a half hour to thaw out," said Donna Johnson, who drove to her daughter's home for a Christmas party during the storm.

Alan Minor scraped his entire pick-up truck. "The whole front windshield was just covered in ice. I couldn't see anything out of it," said Minor.

Some roads still have patches of slush, which could all turn to ice by morning, if the temperature drops low enough.

"I'm going to pray, and hope that God gets me home," expressed Travis of his near-midnight ride home from work.

Drivers in Louisa and other northern parts of Virginia are being urged to take caution until this icy storm has completely passed.

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