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UNCW students worry about credit card fraud

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT)- Several UNCW students are receiving charges on their bank statements for purchases they aren't making.

Haley Phillips lives on-campus at UNCW.  She said that in the past couple of weeks several students at the university have seen fraudulent charges appear on their bank statements.  She said the charges come from restaurants and stores across the country, but no one understands how they're happening.

Phillips said that her bank stopped a $250 charge from being approved on her own account, but other students weren't so lucky.  She said one of her friends has already lost over $500 in fraudulent charges.

"It's really scary because we don't know how this is happening," explained Phillips.  "We can't pinpoint a location and we don't know how they are getting our numbers."

Phillips is currently living without her credit card in the middle of final exams.

She said multiple students have filed police reports about the charges.

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