Oakdale Cemetery Vandalized

A five-hundred-dollar reward is now being offered for the arrest and conviction of the people who toppled more than 100 headstones in Oakdale Cemetery.

As a result of the vandalism, authorities are preparing to install security cameras and increase patrols. On Monday, one day after they were discovered, the cracked monuments still lay on the ground. There is evidence of a party. Empty beer cans and broken wine bottles litter the cemetery.

Oakdale Cemetery Superintendent Eric Kozen says the sections vandalized are among the most historic in the nearly 150 year old cemetery. He says a lot the headstones are irreplaceable, and that many were shattered in so many places it will be difficult to repair them.

Katherine Byers visited the cemetery to check on her family's headstones. Her plot was spared, but she says this act of vandalism may permanently change the atmosphere of the cemetery.

Repairs could cost as much as fifty thousand dollars to repair the damage.

Reported by Ashley Hayes