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Indiana woman sees snow for first time in 50 years

While some Tri-Staters were out making snow men and snow angels on Saturday, one Gibson County woman had a snowball fight for the first time in more than 50 years.

Bonnie Queenan was born in Indiana, but left for Houston, TX when she was 17.

She moved back to Indiana during the summer after two strokes and open heart surgery called for rehab.

Now at age 69, she says she hasn't seen or touched snow since moving to Texas.

When it started falling near her home at Transcendent Healthcare in Owensville on Friday, she knew it was going to be a special day.

Some of the nurses and workers at Transcendent took her outside in her wheelchair to give her a taste of the winter wonderland.

"It was an experience," said Bonnie. "It's beautiful."

Transcendent workers said it quickly turned into a snowball fight that Bonnie started.

"We were just out there playing," said Bonnie. "It was great. I wish I was a kid again. I'd make me a snowman."

Bonnie told 14 News while she enjoys playing in the snow, she enjoys it most from inside where she can stay out of the cold.

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