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Story of Wilmington murder victim to be featured on national program

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT)- A nine-year-old Wilmington murder case is being revisited by a national television network.

Christen Naujoks was stalked and murdered by her ex-boyfriend, John Peck, in 2004.  Naujoks' parents, Gerald and Holly Naujoks, are now taking their daughter's story to the Investigation Discovery Channel. 

The murder case will be featured on a special program entitled, Stalked: Cruel Intentions.  Gerald Naujoks said the show will examine the behavior of John Peck.

"It's a half-hour show with an analysis from a psychologist of why he did the things he did," explained Gerald Naujoks.

Naujoks' parents said they have learned more about how stalkers operate from their involvement with the show.

"There's a pattern, and it escalates and the obsession just keeps on going on, especially after they break off the relationship," said Holly Naujoks about stalkers.

The family hopes that others learn about abusive relationships from the program.

""I don't want another mother to go through what I have to go through," she elaborated.

Holly Naujoks said that every day is still hard for her to cope with the loss of her daughter.

"I see mothers and daughters together and I walk by them and I say a little prayer for them- hoping that God would never let them know what I know," she explained.

To help other families, the Naujoks family is working to bring tougher rules for dealing with stalkers.

"Laws have to change and it has to be looked at differently than it's looked at right now, in order for things to change, and you have more successful outcomes," said Holly Naujoks.

The television program will air on Monday at 10:30 p.m.

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