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How to decorate your home like a winter wonderland

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By Sabina Dana Plasse

Creating a white winter wonderland in your home to celebrate the holiday season can add a sparkle to this festive time of year. The plentiful ideas to accentuate the crisp and glowing feeling of a white winter wonderland range from simple décor items to full-blown holiday decorating. Whether you decide upon a white Christmas tree with silver balls and lights or a chic white dining room table centerpiece, a splash of white for the holidays is uplifting and welcoming.

Plans For Decorating

When preparing for a white winter wonderland, take a survey of your home to decide where decorations will look best and make the most sense. A high traffic area may not be the best for fragile items that could break but the area could have simple décor to keep the white winter wonderland theme a flowing concept. Having a plan for decorating will also present many ideas about what types of decorations will work and how much you might need to make your concept a beautiful and tasteful statement. With as much organization as possible, decorating can be fun and easy. Packing up items or moving items around to avoid clutter or inconsistency is best done before you start to decorate. If you are bringing out your traditional items to pair with your winter wonderland idea, try to switch out the storage if you need. This will save space and time.

Choosing Whites

It's hard to imagine that the color white has so many variations, but the variety of whites and creams will enhance your ideas for decorating. A grouping of candles of varying whites and creams can be a very chic centerpiece or mantle decoration with an accent of greens or silver candleholders. Other simple but impressive additions to whites are using glass and crystal. Glass hurricane candleholders or crystal ornaments can lift all whites and cream colors. Other ideas to give whites a sparkling energy to a winter wonderland are to add white lights, frosted greens and crystal ornaments. Most craft shops have a variety of ideas to create wintery effects such as using glitter snow, cracked ice crystals or holiday ice. These items can be spread around or used with spray mount adhesive for a snow or frost effect, which can be used on evergreens, garlands, clear ornaments and glass. Another white décor item that is classic holiday décor is using white painted poinsettia plants as floral arrangements for centerpieces or any place around the home where flower arrangements usually are commonplace.

Where To Decorate In White

White winter wonderland décor will have stand out recognition in several areas of your home such as a mantel where not only a centerpiece can provide beautiful white décor but Christmas stockings also can continue your white winter wonderland theme through light browns or off-white materials.

Other areas to decorate in white is to display a white Christmas tree with silver balls and ornaments and white lights in a living room or wherever in your home a Christmas tree is a traditional holiday decoration.

In addition, choose wrapping paper, ribbons and gift cards in silvers, creams, whites and crystal-color shades to enhance your white winter wonderland décor.

Other areas of the home to consider or continue the white wonderland décor theme are in the kitchen, front door, powder rooms and hallways especially front hallway entrances.

In the kitchen, food items including anything that can have powdered sugar or silver candy décor on glass serving trays will brighten a holiday mood.

Brownies, holiday cookies, fruitcakes, yule logs and other sweet treats can add to the bright white feeling of a winter wonderland.

In addition, adding white poinsettia plants, traditional white Christmas figurines to nooks and shelves do add a spark to holiday décor.

Dishtowels, rugs and linens will also enhance the white wonderland theme especially if silver or gold is an accent.

Using glass items and crystal with white plates and white serving dishes will also make a table aglow with winter wonderland beauty.

Adding an accent of color either in silver, gold, green and red will also pop a white themed table setting.

In addition, white lights are an easy and simple décor anywhere in the home to accent a white winter wonderland theme.

For the front door, using a bare green wreath or grapevines with all white décor is very chic or spraying a wreath with white glitter is also an option. White velvet bows, white doves or white and crystal or clear ornaments and white lights make interesting décor elements for a white inspired door wreath. Once inside, a front hallway can emulate a theme created from a wreath with white candle décor on front hall tables or windowsills or even white lights on banisters or nearby windows. Some front halls are large enough for an additional white Christmas tree. Another area to consider a white winter wonderland theme is a powder room or bathroom frequented by guests. Soaps, candles, hand towels and other bathroom décor can continue a white winter wonderland theme.

Sparking a home with a white winter wonderland feeling can change the entire mood of the holiday season. With a little planning and small effort, any home no matter the size can be transformed into an engaging holiday setting.


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