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My Turn: Holiday vs. Christmas

The holidays are all about traditions.  But I'm calling for an end to what's quickly becoming an annual event this time every year -- the people who want to complain if someone says the word holiday or if someone uses the word Christmas.

Folks, we're being duped by the politicians and zealots into a non-crisis here. Do you realize the Republican Party is raising money by selling t-shirts that say "Happy Holidays is what liberals say?"  Come on, folks.  That's not in the spirit of anything.

I prefer to use both words and that's my choice.  I have a Christmas tree in my house. Any rational person can look at a decorated pine tree and know it's a Christmas tree. 

If a municipality wants to call one of its trees a holiday tree, it can do that.  But you know what?  I'm strong enough in my faith not to be bothered by it. 

This time of year is for family, gratitude, praise, and all things positive. Not this "gotcha" game where we analyze and question every time someone tries to give us a greeting.

Please, give yourself an early Christmas present and give this one a rest this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Emailed comments from viewers:

WELL SAID! HAPPY HOLIMAS (just combining holiday with Christmas) ;)


I pretty much agree with your opinion, however, there are those of us that look upon this as just another straw added to the Camels back. Or we could just do away with the ENTIRE idea. No school closings, no Government closings (including Congress going home for weeks) no Christmas gifts/shopping, no Black Friday. Problem solved. That's my turn.


Thank you! And Merry Christmas!!!


Gary...Thank you so much for taking a stand on the Christmas  and  the great commentary I saw tonight on WECT. I appreciate you taking a stand and a not being concerned about telling it like it is! I appreciate what you do and keep up the good work!


Your commentary tonight was Great!! I feel the same way and wish people would just get a life! Actually I am happy to have someone greet me. I say Merry Christmas, but if you take the time to greet me I appreciate your greeting!


Excellent editorial this evening. Thank you so much.


Dear Sir...

Thank you for the comment on the ridiculous and divisive "war on Christmas" greetings controversy.  I have a friend who refuses to display any greeting card that says "Happy Holiday".  Her comments to hapless store clerks who fail to say "Merry Christmas" are nothing but rude.  This country has such serious matters to deal with that wasting time on a trivial matter as this is a shame.  

Christmas should be a time that brings us together, and we should be grateful when someone greets us in the spirit of the holiday.

Thank you again for your comment and Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to you!


How many times have you been dutifully, slowly making your way to the end of (what is becoming more normal) traffic constipation, watching in your rearview mirror, the continuous line of people figuring you are obviously having an attack of delirium sitting there so pitifully  hurrying by you on the right shoulder, with their left turn signal already flashing to power themselves to the no more waiting part of the line and wished for such retribution


I am so glad you addressed the "Holiday/Christmas" issue.  I heard Jon Evans say "Holiday" tree and was disappointed at his choice of words.  Quite frankly I was ready to switch to ABC for my evening news.  You are correct.  Political correctness has gone too far on many issues.  Thank you for acting responsively by openly speaking to this issue.


All I have to say to your commentary is AMEN & Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours.


My sentiments exactly!!!  Thanks.


What is the Holiday ? Dah; it's Christmas! A celebration of the birth of Christ. If you don't believe then don't celebrate. But leave the rest of us alone! Keep Christ in Christmas!


Those that are offended by my words, can rest assured I've been offended by other words myself.  Christ is the reason for this season for me.


I just seen your segment on the news regarding people saying Happy Holidays verses Merry Christmas and how you thought there was no reason for people to be upset if other people prefer the words Happy Holidays verses Merry Christmas because they feel more comfortable with this.  I felt I had to send you this email because I think you are confused as to what Christmas is about. The reason Christians celebrate Christmas is because we believe it is the day Jesus was born.  If people choose not to believe in Jesus Christ then they do not have any reason to celebrate on December 25th so why should they have the option of saying others should not say Merry Christmas? If people just want an excuse to buy gifts and attend parties so they can over eat and drink too much they should just pick a different day of the year so  that they can call it whatever they like and wish people HAPPY HOLIDAYS. 



I'm sure your mother would be happy.  As for me and my family we serve the Lord. Merry Christmas!

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