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Special report: Free breast implants?


We're bombarded by sexy images every day. The perfect face, the perfect body and yes, the perfect breasts.

That's why thousands of women go under the knife every year. In 2012, 400-thousand women in the U.S. had breast enlargement surgery.

It can cost a pretty penny, women end up shelling out anywhere from 5-thousand to 7-thousand dollars. That's money 32-year-old April Biliti didn't have.

She wanted bigger breasts but couldn't afford them.

"I personally wasn't happy with what I was naturally given," says Biliti. "I was obviously kind of nervous and skeptical. After you get your first couple hundred dollars you're like i can do this."

That's when she did some research and found out about a website called my free implants dot com. It's a social networking site designed to help women raise money for breast augmentation surgery. TV5 called April, who now lives in California, to see what she thought about my free implants dot com.

This is how it works. Women set up profiles on my free implants dot com. They post pictures of themselves on the website. That's how they market themselves to potential benefactors.

It's pretty much like setting up a Facebook account just type in about yourself, upload some pictures.

That's what contributors look at to see who peaks their interest. And when they chat or message the woman, she earns money. Contributors can also ask for custom videos or photos in exchange for straight donations.

TV5 asked April how long it took to raise money for implants. She says it took 11 months but I got really lucky. There was a guy in Scotland that donated 4,300 dollars.

"It's the internet, you get a little bit of everything. It's up to you to decide who you want to talk to on there," said Biliti.

There are plenty of contributors logging in to check out the ladies. We spoke to Jay Moore, co-founder of my free implants dot com about just how good business is. He says they have over 35-hundred active women fundraising at any given time with thousands of donors. The site has 11-hundred success stories.

Add April Biliti to that list. She got her bigger cup size and didn't pay a penny. The big question is, what did she give in return?

"A lot of the guys just like the companionship, friendship, you talk, spend time chatting," says Biliti.

Some girls might choose to do things a little more risque. You can do cute run of the mill pictures or whatever you want.

It's that risque factor that had cosmetic surgeon Anthony Youn questioning the legitimacy of myfreeimplants.com.

"I got a call from April who said she wanted to have breast implants and do it through myfreeimplants.com," says Youn.

He said it sounded a little bit fishy. "What did you give in exchange for this that's what I asked April," says Youn.

Doctor Youn did some research of his own. Youn found it is legit and people signed up and benefactors pay for them.

April is proof positive the site does pay off. She is one happy customer saying bigger really is really better.

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