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Beaufort County adds more emergency services

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In the Lowcountry, Beaufort County's emergency services are getting bigger and better.

The County Council unanimously voted to buy two new ambulances and 10 mechanical chest compression devices Monday night. 

They expect these improvements to save lives.  

The two new ambulances and ten chest compression devices will cost the county a little more than $650,000, but the benefits clearly outweigh the costs.

Imagine a patient goes into cardiac arrest and they need CPR right away.

That's where the Lucas 2 Device comes in handy for paramedics.

"Traditional CPR, it‘s about 30% effective, having this Lucas 2, that efficiency rate goes up to 80%," said Beaufort County EMT Shift Supervisor Shaun Gleason.

"It allows them to go up and down stairs, it allows them to go in tight places where they could not go as easily with CPR being done manually," added Howell Youmans, Deputy Director of Beaufort County's EMS.

The Lucas 2 Device automatically delivers 100 chest compressions per minute and can even be powered into the ambulance, guaranteeing consistent chest compressions regardless of time or distance.

"We are now able to recoil the chest manually and get good effective inter-thoracic pressure," said Gleason.  

Before this, the county only had two of the Lucas 2 devices. With ten more on the way, every one of the county's 11 ambulances will be equipped with one.

"This is a God send," added Gleason.  

The County Council also unanimously voted to buy new computer software that will link all of the county's emergency services under one system.

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