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Beaufort Co Council takes vote on trash transfer station


In the Lowcountry, Beaufort County Council voted on to not build a trash transfer station in the Chechessee community.

"They voted 6-5 in favor of a resolution directing it is no longer the intention of county council to build a trash transfer station on property identified as 43.57 acres in the chechessee are," said Joy Nelson.

People who live in the community have opposed the idea from the beginning.

Back in June, the county purchased 43.5 acres of land along Sutler Road for $850,000.

Council members considered the possibility of building a trash transfer station there but folks who live in the Chechessee community don't want to see, smell or hear any of it.

District 5 Councilman Brian Flewelling agrees that having a trash site there could also contaminate the water quality for local wildlife.

"This particular piece of property is so environmentally sensitive, it sits between an established residential neighborhood and property that we've spent about $1.25 million dollars to protect through our Rural and Critical Lands program and it seems kind of counterproductive to jeopardize the property that we've already invested in and inconvenience those neighbors," said Flewelling.

The county currently hauls its trash to the Hickory Hill Landfill in Jasper County but it's set to be full within 6-13 years.

State law requires the county to develop a 20-year trash plan.

Flewelling's resolution also calls for the council to find an alternative use for the property or sell the 43.5 acres of land.

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