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City of Wilmington moving forward with new lighting plan for Kenan Fountain

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT)- Wilmington City Staff is moving forward with a plan to provide better lighting to the Kenan Fountain downtown.

According to Richard King, Director of Public Services, the city will be adding a new Musco lighting system to the fountain and it's surrounding area.

City Council members had looked at two lighting plans for the fountain last month.

One plan came from Graybar Services and the other from Musco Lighting.

King said Monday morning that the city will be moving forward with the Musco lighting plan both plans were adequate. 

According to King, the Graybar plan added nice light to the fountain bowl, but less light to the actual intersection.  He said the Musco plan lit up the entire intersection, making it safer for drivers.

"Safety is the main concern," explained King.  "A lot of traffic goes through that intersection every day and anything we can do to make that intersection a little bit safer, we're moving towards that."

King said there is no timetable for when the lighting will be officially added to the fountain's location at the intersection of 5th Street and Market Street.

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