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Greenville County Animal Care announces Neuter-a-thon date


Greenville County Animal Care, with the help of Upstate Neuter Team, will host the Tom Cat Blitz, Male Cat Neuter-a-Thon, on Dec. 7.

The event will be held at Animal Care at 328 Furman Hall Rd. in Greenville. The goal is to neuter 200 male cats, provide them with basic vaccinations, and prevent hundreds of cat litters this year.

Appointments for Saturday, Dec. 7 are currently available; pet owners are urged to call 864-467-7729 to secure a spot for their male cat or kitten.

"Neutering your cat reduces the risks of certain diseases, may increase the lifespan of your cat, and can eliminate many of the behavioral problems that cause people to give up their male cats, such as roaming, urine marking, and fighting," says Shelly Simmons, Division Manager of Animal Care.

"Times are tough, and financially people just can't afford to do this; especially some families that have taken on several strays that wander up. This neuter-a-thon eliminates the financial barrier and cat owners that want to do the right thing by neutering their male cats can have it done affordably," Simmons said.

Cats will be neutered for $15, and given basic shots for $5 each (rabies and distemper). Microchipping is also available for just $7.

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