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Athletes using their strength to talk about bullying and drugs

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Trying to change lives by using their strength to convey a message. That's what a hand full of athletes from across the country did Friday in Columbus County.

Members of the group Faith Force talked to hundreds of middle school students about bullying and staying drug free. UFC fighters, NFL football players, and even a two time World Strongest Man winner are some of the athletes who make up Faith Force. 

They use entertainment to talk with kids and parents about serious issues. They travel internationally but Friday, two of the athletes spent the day at West Columbus High speaking to middle students and others went to Flemington Academy.

They explained that although they're big and strong, they were actually bullied in school. The group said staying focused, drug free, and reaching out to adults about bullying helped them become successful.

"Our world is so saturated with media and sports. A lot of times kids respect athletes. We're trying to take the platform we've been given to use that as away to get their attention and let them see we're just like they are," said Jeff Terrell who's a founder of Faith Force.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7pm some of the athletes will be performing some of their skills at Whiteville High School in the auditorium.

It's a free event and everyone is invited to attend. 

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