Another cold start, but a warming trend begins today - WECT, weather & sports Wilmington, NC

Another cold start, but a warming trend begins today

Starting off in the teens and 20s, expect another morning of bundling up.  High pressure remains in place so we can expect a great deal of sunshine, as well as temperatures warming into the mid-upper 50s by mid-afternoon.  If you're planning on going to the Georgia Tech. @ Clemson game tonight, expect clear skies and temperatures near 40 by the end of the game, so bring layers to bundle up as the night goes on.

High pressure begins to move off the east coast late tonight, so a few clouds will start to move back in.  That will help keep temperatures a little milder, into the upper 20s and mid-30s by Friday morning.  Friday brings temperatures back into the mid-upper 50s, and while we should stay dry and partly cloudy for most of the day, late afternoon and through evening we'll see clouds increase and bring in a chance for isolated rain showers.  Friday night football should be a "go", but schools especially on the western sides of Greenville and Asheville have a greater chance to see isolated rain. 

For the remainder of the weekend, southerly flow will bring mostly cloudy skies and a chance for scattered showers.  For the most part, rain chances are slim on Saturday, but increase Sunday and Monday as temperatures move back into the 60s for everyone.

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