Lunch served with smoke detectors

It's not a fire call. It's an inspection check, that comes with a hot meal. For fire prevention week, the fire department and the Department of Aging have teamed up to make sure senior citizens have working smoke detectors.

Wilmington and New Hanover County Fire Marshals went door-to-door Tuesday, handing out meals, then going to work.

They replaced an old fire detector in Albert Kelley's home. He says it's a tasty way to get people thinking about fire safety.

"It makes me think about something I haven't thought about in a while," Kelley says. "You don't worry much until something happens, then it's too late."

The Fire Marshal says the majority of people who are killed in fires in Wilmington are senior citizens, but something as simple as changing the battery when you change your clock could save your life.

Kelley and many others are now equipped with working smoke detectors that will last for 10 years. But Kelley hopes the only thing he finds sizzling in his house is his food.

Reported By Maggie Alexander