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Dinwiddie student flashes fake gun at teacher


A teenager at Dinwiddie High School is facing consequences after flashing a fake gun. School administrators say the incident happened last week in the middle of class.

Sources say the teacher was petrified. The Dinwiddie School superintendent, David Clark, says the gun was a prop taken from the theater department. Sources say the male student paced by the teacher's desk, while the class watched a movie with the lights dimmed.

The student allegedly showed the butt of the gun to the teacher, saying he had brought it from home.

Dinwiddie students NBC12 spoke to say they'd have been petrified.

"Being that there was just a shooting in Nevada, I would really be terrified of what would happen," said Lajoyous Boose, a sophomore.

Sources say the terrified teacher demanded the boy hand over the fake weapon, however he refused. Ultimately, we're told he pointed the prop gun at the teacher, and said it wasn't real. He dropped it on the desk.

Clark says the high school administration did an investigation. Administrators found that no threat was made on the teacher, and that the fake gun was in plain sight. Clark also says no charges were filed against the student.

Administrators also say and that the matter wasn't reported until the next day. Sources say the teacher reported the situation to the first administrator she was able to get in contact with on the premises, and was told it would be handled the following day.

School administrators say the student was disciplined, but wouldn't confirm how. We're told the student received four days of in-school suspension.

Sources say the teacher is experiencing emotional trauma and hasn't yet returned to school. Clark adds that the school is taking extra precautions to make sure all the props in the theater department, are locked at all times.

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