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Could there be a shift in Charlotte voting demographics?


Victory speeches are often rooted in reconciliation and working together, and that was one of themes Mayor Elect Patrick Cannon embraced at the end of the night.

 "I'll make sure that I'll be pushing the agenda forward to make sure we're meeting the needs for Charlotte," Cannon said.

However, well established communities in South Charlotte are solidly red, and solidly republican, and that's been a well established voting trend for more than two decades.

Michael Dickerson is the Mecklenburg County's Elections Supervisor.

He said, " That is gonna be the case and I think historically is gonna be the case, and you're not gonna see a surprise in that."

South Charlotte's Rain Tree Country Club offered the stage for the very first conversations regarding talk of succession from the city of Charlotte, but more than a year later homeowners here feel it's a concept that losing traction.

Greg Frederick lives there, and doesn't have a complaint.

"The basic services are in place and they're working fine. I don't think there are too many problems in this area with it."

Could there be a shift in voting demographics?

Michael Dickerson feels new places to live is attracting more new residents to Center City, but he thinks bucking any political trends will not come easy or overnight.

"It will be interesting to see how that demographic changes as you see growth coming through South Boulevard say, as you see growth coming into downtown."

The Mayor Elect did not give any interviews one day after the election.

We we're told that Cannon is spending time away with family members after a long campaign.

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