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Stay at home dad wins Marvin’s mayoral race as a write-in

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A stay at home dad says he was surprised to become the new mayor of Marvin.

His name was never on the ballot.

Mayor Elect Joe Pollino is still in shock that he is the new man in charge in Marvin.

"Certainly not prepared. This is the first time for me ever dipping my toe in the political world. It's exciting and still humbling," he said.

Pollino won as a write in candidate after two contestants dropped their names from the ballots before the election for unknown reasons.

The 52-year-old, stay at home dad, earned 557 of the 596 votes in Tuesday's election to become Marvin's new mayor.

He says he'll focus on improving the city's greenways and try to keep big retail chains out of the tightly knit community.

"We have Ballantyne and Blakeney that are very close by. We have a Walmart that is close by. We're almost 80% built out right now and anything going forward with commercial, I'd like to limit," he said.

"I want to keep the community to be that special community we are," he continued.

Pollino will officially become Marvin's new mayor when the votes are certified next Tuesday.

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