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Charlotte school officials brace for a dip in test scores


Charlotte Mecklenburg school (CMS) will unveil how students did on their End of Course (EOC) and End of Grade (EOG) scores on Thursday.

Students take these tests every year to assess how well they are learning. The district has informed students and parents that when the test changes - scores will drop.

This year, North Carolina adopted standardized tests that reflect the Common Core Curriculum. This test is more rigorous and requires a lot more critical thinking and problem solving.

CMS Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison is bracing parents for the dip in test scores.

"You can't judge how students are doing on one measure," Morrison said. "You have to look at multiple measures."

CMS has looked at how other states did when they switched to Common Core. They examined Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and New York. Those states did see a dramatic dip. One state even saw its test scores drop by nearly 30 points.

Morrison is telling parents when the test scores are released, stack CMS against others to get a better picture how students are doing.

"Parents are going to need to do is." Morrison said. "To see how our school district is compared to other school districts. How we did compared to the state."

Parents are concerned. They fear the state is setting students up to fail by constantly changing the tests.

"There is nothing with raising the expectations," CMS parent Cheryl Jacoppo said. "I think it's too much they're expecting - more than what our kids have proven to be able to do."

The state will also use these test scores to give each school a progress report.

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