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My Turn: More retailers join in on opening Thanksgiving night

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Here we go again.  Another big retailer is joining the others in opening its doors on Thanksgiving night.  Now you can count Kohl's in with Macy's and JC Penney as adjusting store hours to cater to those who are stuffed with turkey and looking for somewhere to work it off.

People everywhere like to complain about the loss of the holiday tradition and family togetherness, but let's think about this.  Aren't retailers just adjusting to what people want?  If shoppers didn't show up on Thanksgiving night last year, then more stores wouldn't be opening on Thanksgiving this year.

 Apparently, a lot of consumers like this.  I understand.  It does give people something else to do on Thanksgiving.  And if it's working for the retailers and the shoppers, we'll see even more of it next year.

One thing I can predict with certainty…you won't be seeing me among the sea of shoppers prior to enjoying some turkey leftovers that Friday.  

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