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ETX patient says hospital 'handled it well' after utility failure


A small emergency at an East Texas hospital resulted in a power failure, which led to rescheduled surgeries. The failure happened around 8:45 a.m. at Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview.

Rhonda Reese was a patient at Good Shepherd Medical Center when the outage occurred.

"The alarms and the lights were flashing, but everybody seemed calm. Nobody was really reacting to it," Reese explained.

She said medical staff had her wait for a little bit before getting a X-ray and then when they were finished, "they had all the doors shut to where we couldn't leave yet. We had to wait for them to open the doors."

She said although she was not exactly sure what was going on, she was not fearful.

"Everything was calm. You wouldn't know anything was going on. They did come in the room and say they were going to switch over to a generator," Reese said.

GOod Shepherd Medical Center's Safety Manager Chris Bland said a malfunction of an electrical panel led to the power failure, which affected about one-third of the hospital, but not for long.

"The generator by law has to come on under 11 seconds. Ours generally is three or four seconds, so not much time at all," Bland said.

And as for those in surgery when the power outage occurred?

"The surgeries that were going on at the time were completed, but patients were never in any danger. The emergency generator is there as an emergency to pick up those emergency systems and it operated beautifully," Bland said.

Hospital administration reportedly evaluated all of the patient care activities and chose to reschedule some surgeries because of this outage.

Bland said while nothing like this has ever happened at the hospital before, they were prepared.

"Thankfully we do drills and exercises to prepare for this type of this event and our employees responded like they were supposed to. Patient safety and employee safety was maintained at all times," Bland said.

Reese agrees.

"I think they handled it well," she said.

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