Mobile classrooms approved for NHC schools

The New Hanover County School Board voted Monday night to buy 12 mobile classrooms to serve a booming population that's creating growing pains in many of the county's elementary schools.

Some parents say they've never seen local schools so jam-packed. Overcrowding has become so bad in some schools that students are being pushed out of classrooms and are meeting in cafeterias and hallways.

Parents pled with the Board of Education to provide their schools with more room. Wrightsville Beach Elementary Parent, Dennis Sullivan says the overcrowding is making it harder for his son to concentrate, and that teachers aren't able to effectively convey information to the children.

In what the Board calls a temporary solution, two mobile classrooms will be installed outside Bellamy, Blair, Carolina Beach, Parsley and Wrightsville Beach schools. Pine Valley and Williams Elementary will each receive one mobile unit.

But it's not an instant solution. The earliest the new mobile units will be ready is next March.

The Board also approved the designs for the new Anderson Elementary and the renovated Ogden Elementary in Monday night's meeting.

Reported by Ashley Hayes