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Former student wins legal battle against Miller Motte College, awarded over $50,000

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A jury returned a verdict against Miller Motte College in a former student's breach of contract case Friday.

The former student, Benjamin Supplee of Leland, was awarded $53,481 in wasted tuition and lost income opportunities- this according to Supplee's attorney, Kyle Nutt of the Wilmington law firm Shipman & Wright, LLP.

Nutt said the school was contractually obligated to screen their applicants' criminal backgrounds to make sure all potential students could eventually graduate from healthcare degree programs where certain offenses the school was aware of could potentially prevent students from completing required coursework at actual hospitals.

Nutt said Miller Motte never screened Supplee's criminal background during the admissions process, but did eventually screen him after he had been enrolled in the school for a year and a half. He said Supplee was not allowed to stay in the program once he was eventually screened and was denied when he tried to re-enroll at the school.

According to Nutt, the school offered Supplee $25,000 at the start of trial to end the matter, but then removed the offer midway though trial.

Nutt said his firm is representing another student going to trial over similar claims this month.

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