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Stars of 'Sleepy Hollow' dish about Monday's brand new episode

Tom Mison on the set of 'Sleepy Hollow.' Tom Mison on the set of 'Sleepy Hollow.'

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The stars of the locally-filmed TV show, Sleepy Hollow, said Monday's brand new episode is their favorite one of the season.

When the show returns Monday at 9:00 on FOX Wilmington, Tom Mison, who plays Ichabod Crane, revealed that more characters are joining the mix.

"It turned out rather beautifully," he said. "We introduced new characters. The Sin Eater played by Jon Noble, who we know from Fringe and Lord of the Rings, who is just amazing. That was so much fun for me to work with an actor like him."

Noble becomes a regular on the series.

Mison also said English actor James Frain (True Blood, The Tudors) appears in the upcoming episode.

Nicole Beharie, who plays Lt. Abbie Mills, told us it's her favorite episode so far.

"You can expect a very beautiful episode," she said. "And I would say to date, the highest stakes thus far. It's my favorite episode thus far. Great writers. Fantastic cast comes in. Other than the cast that everybody knows, there are a bunch of new faces and everybody gets to see how Crane and Abbie are connected."

You can watch the brand new episode of Sleepy Hollow on FOX Wilmington Monday night at 9:00. Stay tuned for a special behind-the-scenes report from the set immediately following the show.

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