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Creekwood's fall festival provides family fun for violence relief

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Residents of the Creekwood Community were treated to a fall festival Thursday night.

The celebration held at Union Baptist Missionary Baptist Church on Princess Place Drive was sponsored by the Wilmington Police Department and several local churches.

There were plenty of activities for young children at the event, including face-painting and horse rides.

Police officers and security guards were in attendance for extra safety.  Additionally, no masks or costumes were supposed to be worn at the festival, according to the event's press release.

Charles Flowers, a pastor at the Union Baptist church, said the event was designed to give residents a break from some of the violence that has been plaguing the community in recent weeks.

"This is important for us to come together and be as a family and just encourage one another and just shed some light into some of the dark situations," said Flowers.

Flowers said that he expected close to 1,000 people to attend the festival throughout the night.

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