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Mayor Bell: We’ll look at weather Thursday before making Halloween call

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Halloween is almost here and a bad forecast has many parents demanding Toledo's trick-or-treating be moved to another night.

The forecast is calling for heavy rain and high winds on Thursday, but Toledo's trick-or-treating is still scheduled for 6-8 that night. Some communities have moved their hours to a different night, but many, like Toledo, are sticking to that night.

The Toledo Police Patrolmen's Association (TPPA) is blaming Mayor Mike Bell for not changing the time. TPPA President Dan Wagner believes the mayor said on the radio that Halloween could not be rescheduled because police overtime would be needed and the union could file a grievance. Wagner says overtime is not an issue and he wants the date changed for trick-or-treating.

Bell said Wednesday evening that he never blamed police or claimed the overtime was an issue.

"I'll pay the union person $100 if they can find where I said that ever," Bell said. "What I said is that it's not an issue, it's not a police issue, it had nothing to do with being a police issue. It's an issue of figuring out whether the weather is going to be bad enough or not to be able to cancel it."

Bell says he will meet with TPD and police departments from surrounding communities Thursday to determine if the weather will be a major issue.

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