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Palmer town councilors frustrated over anti-casino flyers


Casino ads are nothing new to people in Western Mass. Signs and even commercials have been visible for months.

But a flyer is causing some frustration among Palmer town councilors.

"There's no name on it and there's no attribution for any of the sources that are coming in here. If you want to make a claim and talk about a particular concern, I think that's fair," said Town Councilor Paul Burns. 

Burns says he and his constituents got an anti-casino flyer in the mail. While he disputes some of what the flyer says, his main issue is the fact that it doesn't say who it's from. 

"Mohegan Sun and the yes group all attribute what they say. When you read their information, it says right on it who presented it and why and where they're coming from. We don't know who this is coming from," Burns said. 

"We've been putting articles in the paper, we've been going door to door," said casino opponent Charlotte Burns. 

Casino opponents have also been sending out the flyers, causing concern among councilors.

"We have one member who is very enthusiastic and wanted to put a flyer out and she was very upset about the host agreement, so she consulted with a lawyer," Charlotte Burns said. 

The anti-casino group Quaboag Valley Against Casinos says they're doing all they can ahead of next week's vote and they say they're doing it the right way.

"Everything was checked through with a lawyer because she was afraid of the consequences of not having everything accurate," Charlotte Burns said. 

They say that their name not being printed on the flyer was simply a printing error.

Now both sides are counting down the days until the vote.

"This is a tight campaign and I think people need to realize that," Paul Burns said. 

The casino vote is only one week away.

If Mohegan Sun is approved by voters, they face MGM in Springfield for the one casino license that could be granted to Western Mass.

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