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My Turn: Will new Walmart impact small town charm?

The town of Burgaw is the latest municipality to entertain the Walmart question.  The retail giant wants to come to Pender County.  And as you can imagine, the idea has opinions from people on both sides of the issue.

This one is going to be a real gut check for the Pender County Commissioners.  Walmart will bring in tax revenue to the area, more shoppers and other potential businesses.  That's what we've seen with other Walmart stores.

But there's the tougher question about the loss of small town charm.  There is a certain appeal to walking into a local shop and having people know your name.  You know the owner.  They know you.  There's familiarity and the sense that the money you spend there is not leaving town.   And we have all seen many of these local stores close up shop in the wake of competing with the lower prices at Walmart.

Commissioners in Pender County have a tough choice.  Let's hope they listen to their constituents and represent their wishes as they decide what they want the Burgaw area to be in the next few years, as well as decades to come.   

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I was born here when Pender Memorial 1st opened in 1952.

I have watched the town change over the years.  Businesses have closed because of chain stores in Wilmington.  But Burgaw has survived.

I will con't to shop at the "Pig", I don't shop at the local Food Lion because having had issues with snotty employees.

Wally coming means I only have to drive 6 miles round trip instead of 28 to Wallace.

I say bring it on.

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